A dash of this, a dollop of that…

Welcome to the RECIPE section of my blog!  I’m kind of an unorthodox baker & cook… I tend to eyeball measurements and things I make are often-times thrown together simply because it sounds good to me at that moment in time, but I seem to have a knack for it as family & friends flock to our home, our campfire, or where-ever I am currently cooking & baking.  🙂  If I’ve made something and you loved it, or you want a recipe for something, just holler… some of the recipes I have are family favorites that have been handed down and some have been guarded fairly zealously, others are creations I whip up & the family falls in love with. It is my true hope you find something you enjoy.

Recipes are currently being added, take a look in the RECIPES category to the right. =>


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