Nothing like life to interrupt your plans…

I’ve been quiet on here the last few days because life was having a go-round with my dear hubby (I’ll just refer to him as DH). I got up a few days ago to get the kids off on their first day of school & as soon as they were out the door, DH approaches me looking like he’s about to hurl, three shades of white, with legs as wobbly as a new foal. Now, I don’t know about your DH’s, but mine redefines the word STUBBORN when it comes to Dr’s and hospitals. He can’t stand them, he won’t go to them without an act of Congress or an act of war on my part. On this particular morning however, I knew we were in a whole ‘nother level of “sick” when I mentioned taking him to the doctor and he replied he thought he needed to head to the ER instead. He’d evidently been up all night dry heaving and writhing in pain in the living room on the couch so he didn’t wake the rest of the family up the night before the kids’ first day back at school. Now, I appreciate the thought of that, truly I do… HOWEVER… discretion being the better part of valor, if you are writhing in pain with dry heaves, nausea, and you generally think you are dying, MOST people wake up their spouses or significant others before 6 hours have passed. (I’m just sayin’.)

Being the good wife I am, I spared him that particular lecture until after we came home from the hospital 8 loooooooong hours and multipllllllllle tests later. First they thought it was his kidneys. Nope. Then they tested his liver. Nope. Then they heard Michael & I talking about him eating popcorn while he played Skyrim and how he hadn’t had anything to eat since then… The dr & the nurse whipped their heads, shared a look of a thousand words & promptly BET that it was Diverticulitis. For those of you who don’t know what that is, in layman’s terms according to his dr: it’s an infection in your intestinal wall where it’s gotten stretched out & food that your body can’t process (like popcorn) gets trapped and it causes an abscess and infection and just generally eff’s you ALLLLLLL up. Nasty hmm? Our biggest worry was that the infection had gotten so bad the dr was worried the abscessed area might burst & that would mean immediate surgery to repair the intestine and that would mean a good solid month in the hospital at the least. NONE of this was what either DH, myself, or the dr wanted to happen, so 4 IV doses of antibiotics, 4 IV bags of saline fluids, and umpteen doses of dilaudid later while they monitored his progress, tested & retested his blood, they finally write a mini-book of prescriptions for DH to take home with him, and send him on his merry way to sleep and rest at home now that they had a course of treatment and thought they had him stabilized and recovering somewhat.

Ohhhhh that it should be so simple and end there. Nope, my renewal lesson in “in sickness and in health, to death do you part” wasn’t quite over yet… DH then spent the next three days horizontal, passed out like the dead alternated with short grumpy-grizzly spells. He likes to think he was up & about, but that never lasted more than 10-15 minutes at a time until tonight when he finally drug his still sicky booty into work.  Let me tell ya, taking care of a sick man is like taking care of a hurt wild animal. They are cranky, liable to snap at you, pace and grumble at their weakness & are just generally better off with minimal contact until they decide to rejoin the land of the living.  DH isn’t back to his normal self by a long shot yet, but we’ll all be REALLY glad when he is.  🙂  It’s hard seeing a tough guy so sick. Messes with ya. Here’s hoping & praying he gets to feeling better soon…


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